Draft Beer

We hope you enjoy drinking our draft beer and delicious food when you visit Outlaw BBQ & Catering Market! Our sports bar has a large selection of beers. When you visit us for happy hour, not only will our drinks be affordable but our BBQ food will be too! When you visit us in Spokane, WA, lets us serve you a variety of beers while you enjoy watching the game.

At our restaurant, we have a large selection of different types of beer. If you don’t want to watch a game, you can always enjoy our homemade desserts. Enjoy our refreshing beer and delicious food while rooting for your favorite team. Outlaw BBQ & Catering Market has a welcoming and open environment. We promise our drinks, food and entertainment won’t disappoint you or your friends.

Upgrade your beer, and your evening, to something truly unique. Call or visit Outlaw BBQ & Catering Market, at Spokane, WA today!